Sunday, November 11, 2007

They look like the cause of little Billy Stanton's lifelong terror of boobs. What started as a family effort to help him with his 3rd grade science project, quickly turned into an unforgettable night when a combination of glue fumes and poor ventilation made the women giddy. Billy was arrested 14 years later in the French Quarter of New Orleans when he reflexively punched an intoxicated young woman who, thinking he was cute, suddenly appeared before him and flashed him. As officers led him away, witnesses claimed he was in tears and remorseful, muttering, "They never give you a choice....those crazy bitches just never give you a choice."


djnightowl said...

Girls Gone Wild-The Lost Granny Tapes!!!!!

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princess kendall said...

Yay, Lisa! Your new husband is a doctor! FREE MAMMOGRAMS for all! Lisa, why are you hiding? He's a doctor for heavens sake!

zizzyb said...

They look like they are enjoying the Ecstasy Judy brought a little too much. Last year it was Oxycodone and they all ended up flashing their huge bucket underwear to the neighbors.

Jimmyvq said...

1957--an inspiration for John Buick.

Anonymous said...

She looks like she's upset over being the only family member not to receive a new JC Penney bra for Xmas. They look like they're enjoying the fact that she's a "late bloomer".

bread said...
Another lovely grand nanny.
They have lived for so long. They have missed their teen time. Give them a chance.

Please, do not scold or tease them anymore!

Cheers!...for lovely grand nanny.
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